Aviation Innovation Challenge

Shape the future of flight

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Flight planning & operations

Predictive maintenance

Air traffic & safety

Within three areas of focus; flight planning & operations, predictive maintenance & air traffic safety, this is a unique opportunity to disrupt the future of aviation. The winner will have the opportunity to work with the sponsors’ domain experts to enhance their solutions worth £15,000, expand their client network, and gain additional £15,000 funding.

Flight planning & Operations
What’s the future for flight planning? From helping airlines avoid potential flight path problems to charting routes that benefit pilot and aircraft performance, your product will combine external data with cutting-edge digital intelligence to optimise operations.

Predictive Maintenance
How can airlines safely reduce aircraft downtime? Your solution predicts, detects and pinpoints issues instantly, as well as managing preventative maintenance. Your algorithms process aircraft data with total accuracy and integrate seamlessly into the supply chain for smooth repairs.

Air Traffic & Safety
How can airlines better understand the air traffic environment for smart decisions and ensure the safest journey for passengers, crew and cargo? From Image recognition Foreign Object Detection (FOD), radar safety to blockchain drone security – which innovative solution will be driving the biggest change to air traffic and safety?


Winning team of the Aviation Innovation challenge Dan White, Divya Sukumar,Vlad Predovic and Natalie Leroy from Signol.

Signol, behaviour economics specialists won the final stage of the Aviation Innovative Challenge at the iconic Shuttleworth Aerodrome, to shape the future of flight. Congratulations to all those that participated and the effort from all has secured further conversations for collaboration with the key sponsors.

Top 3 finalists

Aeroficial Intelligence

Airside Management


The top 3 finalists shortlisted from 10 companies by the team of industry mentors, gained access to the exclusive Laminar Data API to bolster their offering and were invited to pitch their solutions at Shuttleworth Aerodrome.

Top 10 shortlist

Aeroficial Intelligence -

Learn more deeply about aviation industry problem statements and opportunities.

Airside Management -

WebApps to reduce damage and delay from wildlife and drones

Assaia -

Apron AI, using computer vision with predictive analytics to optimise aircraft turnarounds

Blockaviation -

The world’s first cross-platform registry for unified aircraft records

Frequency Communication -

Web-based communication system to decrease delays and disruption

Metsafe -

Real time meteorological API optimising trajectories based on specialised problems

OneAire -

AI insights on maintenance records, and aircraft audits maximising fleet performance

OptimAero -

Whole aircraft X-Ray data with machine learning models to optimise MRO capability

Safety Line -

Predictive solution optimising flight speed,, reducing airlines climb fuel

Signol -

Behavioural economics solution to optimise operations and improve fuel efficiency